Tactile and emotive fine jewellery, inspired by the places that you can find contentment.

The pieces Mia creates are textured, wearable pieces of mini sculpture.


Mia's first collection, Flotsam and Jetsam, evokes the rolling waves of the sea lapping onto the shore, and the treasures that get left washed upon the beach.

Calmed by the movement of water, Mia draws inspiration from tranquillity of watching the ocean on a blustery day, forming this feeling into items that you can wear and treasure.


The newest range, Indoor Garden, is inspired by the tranquillity that can be found with an indoor garden, a little bit of greenery, no matter how small your home!

A small city flat doesn't allow for a full garden, so like many plant lovers Mia found a happy place with a corner of cacti, swiss cheese and other happy house plants.

This jewellery collection allows you to wear and take them with you, and tap into that serenity, on your day to day activities! 


Mia plans for her next range to echo her love for days getting lost in museums and art galleries.


Mia is a jewellery designer and maker, born in Leicestershire, now creating jewellery in North East London. Always living close enough to the sea to make a journey, but far enough away that the trip always had a sense of occasion!


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Mia in the distance- in her element, walking barefoot on a Wintery deserted beach.